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Ali Sabet ( born 05 Dec 1977 - Tehran) Musician, Artist Manager, Music producer, Piano & Keyboard player and owner at “Avaye Mah o Mani” & “Sabet Music inc” Music record label and entertainment company. Ali has performed and leaded over 1000 concerts in most cities of Iran, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and etc. He started his career in 2001.

1. Piano & Keyborad Player After obtaining his degree in Electronic Engineering in 2001, her started practicing music professionally. As an arranger, he produced Sharareh Album with Farzad Farzin in 2001 and started his cooperation with Television of Iran as composer. 2. Music Composer & Music Arranger Up to 2004, he cooperated with several television programs as a composer and arranged and directed “Barg-e- Khazan” Album of Faramarz ZARGARINEJAD. At the same time, he founded an alive music group including some of the best Pop musicians of Iran. As the Conductor and arranger of this group, Ali SABET, started his orchestra activities and cooperated with Great singers such as Nasser ABDOLLAHI, Ehsan KHAJEH AMIRI, Reza SADEGHI, Mojtaba KABIRI, Mohammadreza EYVAZI, Hami, Ali LOHRASBI, etc. 3. Band Master Moreover, as of 2008, he started holding and directing concerts as the artist manager of Mohsen YEGANEH since 2008. He has participated in more than 1000 concerts inside Iran as player, orchestra conductor, arranger, program manager 4. Artist Manager as well as holding, executing and managing concerts abroad in 2008 in Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, England, USA, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc. He started finding the talented youths in the field of singing. He is also supporting several singers financially. 5. Music Producer Ali Sabet founded “Sabet Music Inc” Company in Toronto, Canada in 2017 so he can hold concerts in this country directly. 6. CEO & Program Manager Ali SABET cooperated in famous and highest-grossing albums such as: “Salam- e-Akhar” of Ehsan KHAJEH AMIRI, “Rag-e Khab” of Mohsen YEGANEH, “Negah-e Man” of Mohsen YEGANEH, “Hobab” of Mohsen YEGANEH, “Fasl-e Tazeh” of Ehsan KHAJEH AMIRI, Great Concert in 2007 of Ehsan KHAJEH AMIRI, “Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood”, of Reza SADEGHI, etc. as arranger and composer.

Brithday 05/12/1977
Phone +1(416) 856 5431
Phone (+98) 912 1148495
Email ali@alisabetmusic.com
Skype Ali_Sabet
Website www.alisabetmusic.com

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